5 thoughts on “Blog Changes And More!

  1. I adore your blog, and I admire the enthusiasm and commitment you bring to increasing avenues of connection. You are a vibrant, sincere, and very kind soul, and, I was reminded of that when I read the second post I ever submitted (back in Feb/16). We were both new to blogging, and you were the only person to comment (and it was a really encouraging and flattering comment). So, just know that I am privileged to be counted among your loyal followers. Thanks for being you ❀

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    1. Oh my god that comment made me so happier than you could ever imagine,so much undeserved praise! I do remember,yours was one of the few blogs I read for the first time and I actually loved it so much! I’m so happy to be one of your amazing followers too! Thank you so much,you make my heart melt! ❀️


  2. Can’t exactly give any suggestions being a new blogger myself. But your eagerness to deliver exceptional content on a regular basis is surely inspiring. Dedication level…. amazing πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘

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