Update And What I’m Up to.

Lets talk about what is happening in my life currently.

Hello! Its been forever and a half since I’ve written something and I hate it more than most,I guarantee that! I’m doing this little update on where I’ve disappeared off to because I received a few concerned emails inquiring about my health and disappearance.

I’d first like to tell you that I’m absolutely fine,absolutely dandy and wholly hale and hearty.Secondly, a huge thanks to you if you were worried or concerned.It warms my heart so so much to feel that kind of love and concern.*Lots of hugs for y’all at this point.*

Now,if I’m okay,then what is up with me? If you’ve been reading for a while,you’ll know that I’m a high school senior or a 12th grade student for the rest of us.Due to that I have a huge load of exams to give for finishing off my schooling and my college admissions which have unfortunately taken over my life.These will go on for a few months so please hang on tight,I will be back.And when I’m free from them I’ll annoy everyone with my incessant posting.Thanks again for being delightful as ever.

Another life update of sorts is that tomorrow the 10th of March happens to be my 18th birthday.If you snoop around to my last few posts you’ll observe that I ,perhaps immaturely perhaps not, consider turning adult a huge deal.So,I’m a turmoil of emotions right now .But what better way to become an adult than to be sucked into a vortex of gruelling and never-ending exams that seem to torture you little by little? Okay,that is definitely an exaggeration but I’ve been told that I have a penchant for drama. Although my birthday is why I was able to sneak in this little break to drop a hello.So,it has its pros and cons,like most things.

Cheers,Goodbye,Good-day and I will see you very soon! 

By Arushi Singh

In the pursuit of expressing oneself.

19 replies on “Update And What I’m Up to.”

Well Happy Birthday Arushi as we share the same day… except I will be 68 years young.
May your next 50 years be even more exciting than mine were.
You are the change the world needs, the fresh air, the sun and the rain.
Be all of that an more … Be an Opened Heart of Love and Compassion

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Wishing you oodles of awesomeness this birthday…and all those to follow πŸ™‚ What a wonderful addition you are in a world in need of unbridled passion and delight πŸ™‚ You have a fantastic life ahead and all of your current pressures will be worth it…”see” you when I see you….you won’t be forgotten πŸ™‚

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