Surprise Lesson In Living In The Present.

Let’s talk about life currently and being in the moment, today.

Hello, wonderful people of the Internet! (A rather paltry attempt at being jovial and chummy, I do sincerely apologize.)

I will begin talking (Or typing, technically.) today as I seem to do always, with an explanation.About an hour back, I finished up the post detailing the first day of my amazing European vacation last month, the first in a daily narration of the entire fifteen-day vacation, with pictures and everything.(Lots of  pictures of the Eiffel Tower, no less, yes, day one was Paris.)

Just as I was about to click on Publish, I decided to address the niggling feeling eating away the back of my head since I had begun sorting through the pictures to add to the post.The feeling being, I felt a little criminal and a lot ridiculous for making 15 posts about a month old vacation when there’s so much happening right absolute now. (Not this very moment but you get my drift, right?)Now, what are these many things, you ask? Among many things, these include but are not limited to, finally deciding on a college, going to said college, maybe moving out to live in a hostel/dorm for the first time in my life, maybe moving to a city I’ve never been to, and meeting a gazillion new people, all by the end of this month.(That is a lot of commas.Thank you, English Grammar for being so simple and sorted.) Which, is actually only 11 days away. (Since it’s nearly the 20th in  speck I call home in this world.)Which in turn, increases the magnitude of all the emotions I’m feeling and dealing with.

And when I feel a lot of emotions I write on here.I bring them out.I involve every single person reading this in the silly woes of a teenaged girl and I keep you in the loop with what is up with me and what I am up to.Which is what I decided to do, this time too.So, I am putting the entire Europe vacation diary on hold and I’ll talk about what’s current and new and what’s happening now and how I’m feeling about it.So, this is your warning, heads up, whatever you’d like to call it. Emotions and changes are going to be sold by the penny next post on.Brace yourself.

So, what am I up to now? To be perfectly honest, it’s a lot of things that are embellished ways to say “nothing huge”. My phone hasn’t been working for the past week.When you have holidays and nothing to do, that isn’t the best of situations.I have to admit though,It hasn’t been all bad because of that.I’ve had moments where I’ve been glad I didn’t have my phone because I’m more efficient, fast or just simply had more attention to pay(Attention is something you learn to appreciate more than most people if you’re me) to other things.Meanwhile, I’m also reading the Song Of Ice And Fire series, by G.R.R. Martin (If you have or are too, please comment below.I loooooove talking about it.)I’m also watching Game Of Thrones(Again, If you are watching let’s talk) alongside as I finish each book.(Yes, I know the entire world has seen it, I  respected the fact that it’s an adult show, okay?) I’m doing some college-related shopping, packing, contemplating(A veiled way to say paranoidly overthinking) and mentally prepping for majorly three things.

One. The changes that are soon coming in my life.I have a track record of not being the best at dealing with change while it’s happening.I almost avoid thinking about it so this time I have decided to be a ‘grown-up’ about it and will deal with it while it happens instead of bottling it all up till I have an explosive meltdown.

Two.A new setup.I understand school as a construct, I’ve been involved with it for 14 years.College is something I have a rather as I believe, misconstrued image of, attributed to books and movies and I do and do not at the same time know what to expect.I’ve to learn and adapt and grow and I’m gearing up to do it in the best way possible.

Three and most importantly, socialising. As a rather antisocial and a pretty socially inept person this is the one that is the most daunting for me.But I’m also contradictorily, a  person who enjoys talking to people and getting to know them and is excited by the prospect of making all the lifelong friends I am going to make.So me, a shy extrovert needs the preparation to open up to people and get ready to do what humans are notorious for: socialise.

Apart from that, I’ve basically been utterly and undeniably bored.And that’s it, folks, it’s what I’ve been up to and that’s what you can expect from me now on.Cheers and see you later!

THIS POST’S QUESTION : What is something you’ve done recently that you’re proud of ? Comment below with what you think about it,I’d love to hear from you!

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Where Was I And An Introduction For What’s To Come.

Let’s talk about a LOT of things today.

Hi, hello, everyone! It has been so so long. I’m so sorry for disappearing on you! I’ll explain exactly what I was off doing in the next few paragraphs so I hope when you know you’ll go a little easy on me.In any case,  I’m saying sorry louder and again, for the people in the back.

For the past few months when I’ve gone incognito I’ve been up to two major things. One, those being college forms and results and everything on those lines and two being more interesting and enjoyable(But then I think anything would be more enjoyable that college hopping, as I call it.) a big, long amazing vacation to Western Europe!(Pay attention to this one, it comes up a lot.)

In a more detailed version of events, I’ll explain exactly what I was up to every month that I was gone, what I’m up to now and what you can expect from the conversation that we hold here, though this blog.

In May, I spent the month majorly appearing for what remained of my exams, officially passing and graduating from high school and planning the most exciting vacation that was to come the next month.

In June, I spent half the month in Europe, travelling and taking in all that I could with my family.The other, busier half was spent filling college applications and everything that comes along with that long, gruelling process.(If you’re from one of the colleges I’ve applied to please know that this is a lie and I love the college admission process and couldn’t be having more fun.And also, look at my application again, please?)

Currently, I have finished the majority of my “college-hopping” and am awaiting results so that my college can be finalised and all preparations that go into going to college can commence.The good news is, I will definitely have and be in a college in a month.(Wish me luck because I really really need it ! ) The other good news is, I finally have time to write about the mind-blowing vacation I just came back from and I cannot wait to share it here and document all the amazing memories I have made during the vacation!

So, here is a promise I’m making to myself and here that I’ll try to write something every day.I am going to chronicle the entire vacation day-wise, and I’ll try to post as soon as I finish up posts. I’ll know how much time I need for one once I actually work on one and I’ll work accordingly and I promise minimum one post a week.

Apart from this I’m very free right now to talk so comment, email and DM me if you want to chat! I love to talk to you all!(Email and Instagram account  are on the About page)

THIS POST’S QUESTION: Let’s go back to basics. How are you ,today? Comment below with what you think about it,I’d love to hear from you!

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All On Thirteen Reasons Why.

Let’s talk about 13 Reasons Why today.

Hello, everyone!

Before you mention it, yes I’m jumping on the series of posts about this T.V. show on the internet and adding my own opinion to the plethora that exists and yes again, joining the debate that 13 Reasons Why has become.

For the unaware,13 Reasons Why is Netflix’s latest original series that went live on 31st March 2017 and has taken the internet by a storm.Netflix summarises the show as the following and I find it to be the best possible one-line summary for it so I quote the website directly.

After a teenage girl’s perplexing suicide, a classmate receives a series of tapes that unravel the mystery of her tragic choice.

Based on Jay Asher’s bestselling novel of the same name, the T.V. Show has been praised and lauded for bringing attention to mental health, growing up as a contemporary teenager and the impact seemingly little things can have on a person’s life.It has also faced lots of flak for dealing with delicate issues wrongly and in a graphic method that could be more harm than good.While I understand both sides of the discussion and what they’re getting at, I’ll state my own opinion here which can be considered as a middle ground of sorts between the two sides of the discussion.



A little background information first, I read the book when I was 14, loved it and was so happy to hear that it was being made into a T.V. show via Selena Gomez’s Instagram account. (She is an executive producer on the show.) I had loved the book and it didn’t seem to be a popular book among the people I met and thus it made me proud to see it being made into a show, something more mainstream and something that would reach out to a wider audience.

Now, let’s get out of the flashback zone and come back to right now, that is in layman talk, let’s talk about the show and ask the real questions.How did I find the show itself without knowledge of the book or story? How did I find the show as a book fan? Did it live up to my expectations? Would I recommend it? Or, would I not and if so, why not? I’ll answer each of these, one by one, so hang on and let’s get going.There will probably be spoilers ahead, so read at your own discretion, you’ve been warned.



I loved the show.I’m just going to state this and put it out there.It was an emotional journey, it was hard, painful, made me feel extremely helpless and was so nerve-wracking to watch, but I loved it.As someone who is in the process of graduating from high school, I loved how real, how diverse and how representative the show was. Of course, there are little things that are a little over the top or exaggerated but this remains the truest to life high school based show I’ve seen till now and I am a huge fan of that.High school can be an absolute piece of shit at times, or rather, at many times and this show shows it as it is.They updated the story to be more believable in 2017 rather a decade earlier as in the book and with those changes they have managed to capture the essence of the second wave millennial teenager a.k.a my generation.


I found the show to be very well made if that makes sense.It was neat,there was one episode for each chapter of the book (13 to be precise, after all the show is called 13 Reasons Why.) ,the casting was so perfect,music was beautifully incorporated and having one hour (Each episode was about an hour-long.) to explore one chapter offered it a great chance to go in-depth and add so much to every character’s story, a chance they took and made a legend out of.The book is entirely from the point of view of Clay Jensen, our cassette-tape receiving classmate and the other characters are only seen from his and Hannah Baker’s (That is, the person behind the tapes) eyes.The show showed how different characters were dealing with the tapes and their contents and added a bunch of storylines (For example, the entire plot with Hannah’s parents, them dealing with her suicide and filing a lawsuit against the school is entirely absent from the book.) which made it so much more fleshed out, painful and hard-hitting. The show has left many cliffhangers and has left possibilities for a second season, while there is only one book so if there is a new season it will take an independent path.

At the topic of characters, the one thing the show manages almost effortlessly is to make every character relatable. You relate to some characters more than the others, of course, but at some point you see yourself in almost every other character and you understand the situation of every character throughout the story, a sign of great storytelling.Take the person whose story ties everyone, Hannah, the new girl who has been singled out. You’ve been a Hannah or met a  Hannah in your life.This particular trait of the show is what makes it so hard to take in.It could have happened anywhere and most of it is happening in schools today and the show has the best message to give and it is best captured in two quotes from the story when Hannah says that,“You don’t know what goes on in anyone’s life but your own.” and when Clay with resolution, states that “It has to get better, The way we treat each other and look out for each other.It has to get better somehow.”  Basically saying that be kind and think about the consequences of your actions because you don’t know what that “little thing” you did might do to a person and his /her life.




The show has highlighted many important issues in an extremely graphic and as true to life as is possible manner and that is what has ended up making it the target of many controversies.It brings to the fore mental health, depression, rape, suicide, bullying and aggression in teenagers and in high schools.I thought it did an excellent job at showing just how scary and hard each of these things is to go through by making it hard to watch.It features two graphic rape scenes and one suicide scene, as a P.S.A. and for the detail oriented.While trigger warnings have been placed for each of these at the start of the episodes I feel personally responsible for warning you of these, especially the suicide scene.If you have been at such a place in the past but believe you can handle it please think again because those scenes are so so trigger-prone.I have been so blessed to not have struggled with any such thoughts in my life to date but after watching the show I had difficulty sleeping at nights and I couldn’t stop thinking about them. The suicide scene, which is only vaguely mentioned in the book to be a result of overdose has been altered to a much more visually graphic scene and watching Hannah, scream and cry and in pain, all alone as she does it was too much for me and I will honestly tell you, I  watched that scene through shut eyes, peeking though my hands, almost screaming and sobbing.On the matter of warnings, I cried several times in the show, which is also something I deem a necessary warning.So if you’re going into this, if you’re sensitive to these things, please be careful, please think before you watch and prepare yourself mentally.




What I appreciate about the kind of hype the show has the most is the attention it has brought to mental health which has always been a taboo and something no one wants to talk about. It was high time mainstream media talked about it and now, as a result, so many people are.Its existence is important for every teenager watching it and the reason so many are is that everything down to the promotion(The Instagram account of the show, @thirteenreasonswhy and the accounts made for the various characters are an excellent testimony to this fact.) was done so well. It will grip your mind and ask answers to questions no one is willing to answer, something that can be unsettling and something hard to take in.

Lastly, I would like to personally say that if you’re ever feeling like Hannah or having thoughts on those lines please click here to connect to someone who is waiting to hear your voice and your story.I’m always available too, if you want to talk and would never judge you or divulge your personal thoughts to anyone so please feel free to drop me a DM   (@musingsofawhimsicalsoul) or email ( and get in touch.I would love to talk to you.




THIS POST’S QUESTION: What did you think of 13 Reasons Why?  Comment below with what you think about it,I’d love to hear from you!

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Update And What I’m Up to.

Lets talk about what is happening in my life currently.

Hello! Its been forever and a half since I’ve written something and I hate it more than most,I guarantee that! I’m doing this little update on where I’ve disappeared off to because I received a few concerned emails inquiring about my health and disappearance.

I’d first like to tell you that I’m absolutely fine,absolutely dandy and wholly hale and hearty.Secondly, a huge thanks to you if you were worried or concerned.It warms my heart so so much to feel that kind of love and concern.*Lots of hugs for y’all at this point.*

Now,if I’m okay,then what is up with me? If you’ve been reading for a while,you’ll know that I’m a high school senior or a 12th grade student for the rest of us.Due to that I have a huge load of exams to give for finishing off my schooling and my college admissions which have unfortunately taken over my life.These will go on for a few months so please hang on tight,I will be back.And when I’m free from them I’ll annoy everyone with my incessant posting.Thanks again for being delightful as ever.

Another life update of sorts is that tomorrow the 10th of March happens to be my 18th birthday.If you snoop around to my last few posts you’ll observe that I ,perhaps immaturely perhaps not, consider turning adult a huge deal.So,I’m a turmoil of emotions right now .But what better way to become an adult than to be sucked into a vortex of gruelling and never-ending exams that seem to torture you little by little? Okay,that is definitely an exaggeration but I’ve been told that I have a penchant for drama. Although my birthday is why I was able to sneak in this little break to drop a hello.So,it has its pros and cons,like most things.

Cheers,Goodbye,Good-day and I will see you very soon! 

The End Of An Era.

Let’s talk about graduating today.

I’d like to start off with the way most good things start: “Hello! How are you?”I know  I haven’t written in forever and I still am so desperately hard hit for time so this process of very few posts is going to continue for a tad bit longer.I’m so sorry about that!

In a few days have what we call a farewell, which is essentially a formal school-leaving graduation ceremony before all the exams and admission conundrum begins.At the farewell, everyone dresses up to the nines, takes pictures, feels nostalgic and makes several more new memories.As of mid -2017, my schooling, for all intents and purposes is drawing to a close and I have a lot of feelings about it which is what this post is going to be about.


Source: Tumblr


My schooling has made up 14 years of my life( not counting pre-school) and for a 17-year-old that is an awful lot of years.My feelings about being an adult and not a school kid anymore are a plethora of emotions of all degrees and ranges that I’m usually slightly afraid to delve deep into.I’m afraid of feeling too sad, too stuck in the past, too happy or feeling too much altogether.

My schooling has been completed in 3 different schools, all 3 I have different levels of attachment and affection towards, a whole different set of memories from and different people I’ve met and cherished.When I was a child, I considered myself to be the kind of person who finishes their schooling entirely from one place but now I feel very lucky to have experienced three different school environments and places because they’ve shaped me up as a much aware person surrounded by so so many absolutely lovely people, amazing friendships and great teachers.I’ve talked before in my previous post about turning an adult that I suddenly realised time was passing too fast and I had a hard time wrapping my head around it.About this too, I feel that way, I can’t believe I’m a senior and I’m going to college this year.I can’t believe I’m turning 18 and nor can I believe I’m going to be out of high school this year.


Source: Tumblr


Honestly, I don’t want to grow up.Of course, do, but most of me really doesn’t.To someone who’s older this must seem so absurd given how young I really am, but I just want to be a child again, a teenager again and do it all over again because it seems to be the happiest time ever and I miss it so so much already.

I am also extremely excited about the new phase of my life and cannot wait to begin with college.I’m excited to meet the new people, to soak up the new atmosphere and to just live a different kind of life.When I moved here 2 years back, I was gifted ” The Five People You Meet In Heaven” by my cousins and I read it on the flight here.One of the first quotes in that book is,“All endings are also beginnings. We just don’t know it at the time.” This quote impacted my outlook on living in a new city greatly and even now I choose to believe that this ending is my new beginning and better things await me in my life henceforth.




Here’s to every class,every notebook,every piece of lost stationary,every teacher who’s taught me so diligently,every class party,all food we’ve had during classes in utmost secrecy , to all certificates received with the biggest smiles, the music parties during lunches, the swings, the walks around the school, every stage performance, every time I’ve danced in school, all the conversations in the hallways, every time I’ve run a race,the lunches finished before the official lunch,all the excursions and day trips,all the programme practices,every piece of art I’ve made,every school building of mine,all school assemblies I’ve made faces about attending,every competition I’ve been in representing my school, every t time I’ve held a microphone, every ball I’ve kicked, every walk under the trees in school, to all medals I’ve won, every report card I’ve received, all the school bus rides and the drama that ensued inside the buses,all the older children we’ve idolised,all the younger ones I’ve helped, every person who has been a part of my schooling at any of my three schools: Thank you for making me who I am today.I’m so so thankful all that happened.I would not have it any other way.


Source: Tumblr


THIS POST’S QUESTION: What is your fondest school memory? Comment below with  what you think about it,I’d love to hear from you!


Impending Doom.

Let’s talk about adulthood today.

With less than 4 months left to my own 18th birthday and all my friends and classmates turning 18 already, the thoughts of really being a grown up and coming of age have started to gain a strong foothold within me. It is sometimes scary, sometimes something to look forward to, sometimes nerve-racking and sometimes liberating.


With these comes a wave of strong nostalgia and wrapping my head around the passage of time.Till I was 10, I couldn’t wait to grow up.Time seemed to go slowly and I was acutely aware of each passing month.When I turned 11, time suddenly sped up and before I knew it, I was 14  and off to a new school and for the first time in my life I felt myself wondering,”Where did all this time go?”The same happened all through high school.And even now, am going I still find myself wondering how in the world I am going to be 18 years old.

The best part of it for me currently is to escape the constant tussle between being a child and an adult that being a teenager is all about.I’ll still be a teenager for two more years but no one will accuse me of growing up too fast or acting too grown up when I am a child or behaving like a child when I should be more mature .(On second thought, maybe I’ll still not be escaping this one.)

Adulthood.The sheer act of being 18 years old.Still, a teenager but also carrying the title of being an adult.That is what I am approaching now.And I still wonder what the whole fuss is about.I still feel the same, probably still will.And what all does being an adult really offer? Voting rights( in most countries), more independence, more responsibility and to act more mature and deal with ‘real’ problems.But with great independence comes great responsibility.( In the style of the Spiderman movies circa 2002)


But does it mean I can’t read young adult fiction when I’m a not so young adult ? Or I can’t watch animation films or cartoons because they are for children, something I will effectively not be anymore?  Can I not crack poor jokes anymore because that is childish?These thoughts scare me, hence the title.Seeming doomlike, because I still enjoy animation movies and like cracking poor jokes at times and I love young adult fiction.

Also, as a reminder to you all of how old you are(Why would I suffer with these nostalgia waves and realisations of passage of time alone?) As of next year all the quintessential 90’s kids would not be kids anymore, us being the 1999 bunch.

Talking of the 90’s I would like to conclude, with hope and with what Monica said to Rachel in Friends when she had her own rite of passage of sorts,” Welcome to the real world! It sucks! You’re going to love it!”

THIS POST’S QUESTION: When did you first realise that time was passing too fast or that you were now a grown up?  Comment below with what you think about it,I’d love to hear from you!