Lessons I’ve Learnt From Disney.

Let’s talk about the things I’ve learnt from Disney today.

For me, a major part of my childhood was Disney movies. I grew up watching them, getting attached to them, loving them and learning from them. I’ve learnt many life lessons from these animated, seemingly children’s movies that I, as an almost adult, still love a lot. So, without further ado, here are lessons I’ve learnt from 7 of Disney’s animated movies. I hope, it goes without saying that if you haven’t watched the movie, you may find the below to be full of spoilers.  Here, I’m excluding the Pixar movies as they can quite easily comprise a post of their own. Here we go.

  1. Alice In Wonderland

    Alice In Wonderland, a movie I watched as a 5-6-year old and absolutely loved due to the fact that it shows you, quite literally ,a wonderland. At that young age, seeing Alice interact with everyone from the White Rabbit to the Mad Hatter I learnt that everyone was equal and you didn’t need to see or talk to anyone differently just because they were not what most people would call ‘usual’ or ‘normal’. It was a great lesson in equality and not discriminating that has always stuck with me.                                                                       mv5bmtqymdk4odmwn15bml5banbnxkftztcwmjg4ndg1na-_v1_sx640_sy720_

  2. Beauty And The Beast

    Beauty And The Beast, my favourite musical and most awaited live action Disney movie currently was also my absolute favourite Disney animated movie for the longest time. I loved Belle, different from other girls in her village, a reader like me,(I talked about this in my previous post, click here to read that) and the fact that in the Beast and Belle’s love story, looks never mattered. It was a great message in loving the person and going beyond how they look to understand who they really are to learn as a child. This movie also holds a special place in my heart for it has one of my most favourite Disney soundtracks probably ever.                         beauty-and-the-beast

  3. The Lion King

    The Lion King is a movie associated with so much nostalgia and so many memories as I first saw it with a group of my childhood best friends, when we were children, all huddled around a laptop. The movie,which shows Simba’s journey to being king of the jungle is, in my opinion, really a journey for everyone who watches it. It taught me to believe in myself and my beliefs and to hold on to them no matter what. Simba learns it the hard way and  I learnt it with him.                                  the-lion-king-wallpapers-06

  4. Mulan

    Mulan was a movie way ahead of its times. It was a movie set in Ancient China, with an exceptionally headstrong girl who was ready to go to any costs to defend her family and country and fight in the war, even though girls aren’t really allowed to. She becomes a boy and takes her father’s place in the war as he is quite elderly without batting an eyelid. It taught girls everywhere, like it taught me, to be strong and independent and never consider themselves weak. It truly is one of the most underappreciated Disney movies.             mulan-1998-09-g-the-disney-character-with-the-highest-body-count-ever-is-jpeg-244134

  5. Tangled

    Tangled was the movie that crashed Beauty And The Beast’s favourite animation movie spot and took it instead. A rather morose original tale brightened up with lanterns, literally, and the most believable teenager princess. She wants to see the world, she hits guys in the face with a frying pan and she simply yearns to understand who she is and what she’s destined for. Rapunzel was a lesson in optimism as in spite of being trapped in a tower all her life, she has hobbies , passions and dreams and is as lively as you can get. Her inner goodness is not influenced by Mother Gothel’s negative influence either. Add to that Flynn Rider’s transformation and it makes for an almost admirably inspiring movie.                             tangled-rapunzel

  6. Frozen

    Frozen took Mulan’s feminist message and conveyed it its own way. It showed me that you don’t need a man to rescue you and that true love can exist between sisters just as much as it can exist between lovers. It also taught me to not take anybody at face value, to not be so naΓ―ve, as Anna takes Hans and that true love doesn’t always happen in a day. It’s important to get to know a person before you simply consider them as your soul mate, get engaged and decide to marry them all in the matter of a day. Oh, Anna.

    November 1st, 2013 @ 20:51:56

  7. Zootopia

    Zootopia, Disney’s most recent animation venture was a wonderfully adorable movie. It taught me to believe in my dreams no matter what anyone says, to not conform to stereotypes,to never let who I was born as define me, to never consider anyone inferior as Judy, Nick and Ms. Bellwether (being a wolf in sheep’s clothing, amazingly) taught me. It’s a heart-warming movie and a must watch if you haven’t. (Take this a little request/ task.Let me know how you find it later.)maxresdefault

    THIS POST’S QUESTION: What is your favourite Disney movie? Comment below with what you think about it, I’d love to hear from you!

41 replies on “Lessons I’ve Learnt From Disney.”

I love Mulan because she’s such a ‘badass’ who speaks her own mind. I also love Frozen as it’s not the stereotypical man saves woman but sisters saving sisters. And above all, both Elsa and Mulan seem like a fictional embodiment of myself.

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One of my favorites is the Lion King. I also like The Little Mermaid, Cinderella, Pochantas, and A Bug’s LIfe. I am not a fan of the newer animated movies.

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Reblogged this on Vintage Feminist and commented:
Hey everyone!

I wanted to reblog this piece. It’s such a great way to feel nostalgic. Nostalgia, I believe is a proof that you are living correctly. That something has impacted you enough to give you that warm fuzzy feeling inside and Disney sure does this for me as well. Disney is such a great franchise to show your children and to help them connect with your own childhood… something I would considered priceless.

Happy reading!

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Oh, I haven’t seen Zootopia yet. I have to watch it! In addition to those mentioned, I loved Pochaontas, The Fox and the Hound, and Dumbo.

Though I admit recently my favourite is Frozen. I watched it for the first time while struggling with depression. I had “hurt” others (by making them worry about me, shutting them out or saying harsh things because I hurt so bad). I had a child I couldn’t, at that moment, take care of. I think I could hardly have identified more with Elsa’s fear of herself, her storm inside, her wish to go far away where she could be her imperfect self without the risk of hurting anyone. β™₯ It made me cry, but it was cathartic.

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Such a wonderful blog idea! Disney teaches so many wonderful messages! My favourite Disney movie is The Little Mermaid and my favourite Pixar movie is Monsters Inc.

I’ve seen Zootopia/Zootropolis so many times since getting it on DVD because I love little Judy so much! This movie is beyond adorable and again, teaches such wonderful lessons!


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Thank you! Yes,Judy is such an inspirational character and such a great influence to have if you’re a child.I consider Disney to be a great part of who I am today and so I chose to write about it.Glad to hear about your favourites!


Thanks for sharing! I think Frozen has really stuck with me and every time I hear Let it Go it just resonates with me. It’s such a powerful message. Beauty and the Beast is also one of my all time favorites. The lesson of loving someone from within is a great message.

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Yes! Frozen glorified platonic sisterly love over romantic love which was a bold and very appreciated change from Disney’s usual themes and very apt in today’s scenario! Beauty and The Beast is one of my absolute favorites! Something about that movie,story,musical is just magical .

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I love Disney. I also grew up with Disney. I do love Zootopia and it does teach you to never give up on your dreams. Beauty and the Beast does teach you that beauty is not from outside but also comes from who you are on the inside.

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