This is for YOU.

Lets talk about you and us today.

Firstly, I apologise for the long gap since my last post. I had exams and was too hard hit for time. I’m so sorry. Henceforth, you have the post. I sincerely hope you’ll like it.

A week ago, I achieved what seems so unreal to me and I dedicate this post to that. I officially got 500 followers on my blog.


The fact that 500 people found my words to be of value and something they’d like to read again was highly humbling for me. Words aren’t enough for the gratitude and love I feel for each and every one of you, or even for anyone who has ever read my work but I’ll give it a shot anyway, as words are my most treasured medium of expression.

I thank you, you wonderful person, for deciding to click on this or on any of my posts. I thank you for liking my posts, commenting on them, for giving me feedback and advice. I thank you for genuinely caring about my blog, sometimes even more than me. Thank you for nominating me in tags and awards(Even though I still need to make those posts, I’m sorry for the delay!) and  sharing a little piece of yourself with me in the comments section. I thank you for motivating me to write and making me fall in love with blogging itself. I thank you for making these 6 months (Exactly, today)a truly amazing time for me to grow as a person.I thank you for being the supportive and warm community you are, and I know that I really couldn’t ask for a better set of people to share my views and ramblings with.

In celebration and as an effort to get to know more about you, I thought of asking you guys one question in each post, sometimes to do with it, sometimes to do with the world and sometimes something really basic. I’d love to read all your answers and it would make me so happy to get to hear so many views ,opinions and choices. I’ll ask one this week which would be related to this post but also to the idea. It could be either the first of the many questions I ask you or it could be the only one I ever do. It’s entirely your choice.

Lastly, I thank you again for listening to the Musings of this Whimsical Soul.

THIS POST’S QUESTION : Do you like the idea of a question in every post? Comment below with what you think about it. I’d love to hear from you!

By Arushi Singh

In the pursuit of expressing oneself.

25 replies on “This is for YOU.”

I hope the exams went well for you. Congratulations on reaching the 500 milestone.1000 by Christmas? A question every post seems acceptable and will enhance your comments but it will always depend upon whether the questions are personal as to how many people answer them. Some of us have been locked away in cupboards to write where no-one else will see us and as a result have become very secretive. Others of us won’t mind at all, being the little social flutterbys we are. xxx Huge Hugs xxx

On 8 August 2016 at 14:34, Musings Of A Whimsical Soul wrote:

> Musings Of A Whimsical Soul posted: “Lets talk about you and us today. > Firstly, I apologise for the long gap since my last post. I had exams and I > was too hard hit for time. I’m so sorry. Henceforth, you have the post. I > sincerely hope you like it. A week ago, I achieved what seemed so unr” >

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Hope your exams went well! I like the idea of questions at the end of a blog. I usually do a question because it feels more personal and allows an opportunity for us to actually interact with each other instead of generically “liking” a post. Sometimes people respond and sometimes they don’t, but at least it gives an entry point for conversation. πŸ™‚

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I know Matt and David Prosser.
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