Lets talk about war through a poem I wrote on it when I was 14.

I have always felt strongly about war. I am a generally sensitive person and war is one of the things that affect me the most. Hence , a lot of my writing is about war.This poem is probably one of my first war poems. It’s nothing special, is non rhythmic, pretty basic and is simply titled “War.” Here it goes.


What is war?

Is it the cause of human guilt?

Is it the search for a scapegoat?

Is it the fight against a group of people?

Or is it intolerance of a religion?

Is it what we consider a mistake?

Or is it what we learn from?

Is it the extent of what humans are capable of?

Or is it not knowing what to do?

Is it because someone was pressurised?

Or is it because someone was ostracised?

It is for all the above reasons, but not quite,

These are its consequences, not what it is,

War is when humans forget who they are,

And when humanity fights against humanity,

and always, it is humanity that loses.

THIS POST’S QUESTION : What do you, personally, think war is? Comment below with what you think about it. I’d love to hear from you!

By Arushi Singh

In the pursuit of expressing oneself.

8 replies on “War.”

War is the continuation of the one age old conflict between good and evil, or God and all that is against God, being played out through the weaknesses of humanity. Man has made religions, which are systems that are supposed to connect us to God, and used them as excuses to do contrary to what God would have us do. There will always be war on earth until the climaxing battle of Armageddon occurs. When Christ returns, there shall truly be peace on earth, even among the animal kingdom, for the entire earth will “Be filled with the knowledge of the Lord”.

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What is war? My grandma has quoted the the book title, “war is a force that gives us meaning.” I think it’s even baser than that. I used to think it was about resources and scarcity, but now I fear it may be unavoidably instinctual. We humans are always warring in some form, even if not physically. We even fight on the internet! We have all this natural, built-in aggression. But maybe we can get creative an redirect it into sports or nonviolent reenactments or other outlets for this primal energy.

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That is such a different approach and yet such an obvious one,now that I look back at it! It makes sense,we all are waging wars within us,against us,against people we love and this is just that on a national or global level.A primal energy,an inbuilt aggression that gives us meaning.That is a wonderful way to look at it.

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That is a great way to summarise it. ” War is the inevitable consequence of our perceived differences.” What a strong line.
Now,either we learn to perceive our differences differently,which is highly impossible give our human-ness or we take it out somewhere or the other.

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