The Best Sunrise.

Let’s talk about the best sunrise I’ve ever seen today.

I believe that almost everyone talks about sunsets. Everyone has seen loads of really beautiful sunsets in their lives. I have, too. But sunrises, at least for me, are special. They require actual effort and dedication. Getting up in the early morning and prepping just to see the rising sun peek above the horizon signalling the start of the day, making creatures all big and small begin their day, witnessing something that powerful makes me feel honoured.

In my 16 years of existence, I’ve seen 7 sunrises total.4 because I woke up too early at home,1 in a early morning flight, one in a desert as a child and one in the Himalayas. Of these, one is my absolute favourite and that’s the one I’m gonna talk about today.

The sunrise I saw in Tiger hill in Darjeeling, India, nestled in the lap of the Himalayas, in front of the third highest peak in the world, the Kanchenjunga was quite possibly the best sunrise I’ll ever see. I went to Darjeeling with my family and we woke at 4 to witness nature’s glory.

All pictures are unedited and clicked by me. Even though they are undoubtedly, heavenly they don’t even closely capture the beauty of the scene. It was, for the lack of a better word, magical.  Looking at it, I felt an emotion that I simply cannot transcend in words. It was an amalgamation of all the emotions, of all hopes, of all dreams that mankind has ever had. It made me feel so meaningless, so small, so powerless, I’d say it left a humbler person in its wake.

North east beckons 156
All you could see was hilltops above the clouds.
In the distance, Mt.Kanchenjunga in all its glory.


North east beckons 078
The horizon tinting orange, then yellow to welcome the sun.
North east beckons 061
Gift of the gods.
North east beckons 072
The clouds looked as though they were threatening to spill over, one little push and they’d all fall out.
North east beckons 146
Mt.Kanchenjunga,the third highest peak in the world.
Slowly, the sun rose, multiplying the beauty of the scene manifold.
The rising sun too bright in its eyes.
North east beckons 158
Finally, the moment was over, the sun had risen, like it did everyday, but I,I wasn’t the one I was yesterday.


By Arushi Singh

In the pursuit of expressing oneself.

44 replies on “The Best Sunrise.”

OMG I’m a huge fan of sunrises. The picture where the sun just peeked out of the horizon is just breathtaking.
“It made me feel so meaningless, so small, so powerless, I’d say it left a humbler person in its wake.” I loved this line.

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A beginning is more beautiful than a conclusion.
A sunrise is beginning and is always more beautiful than a sunset as it symbolizes a fresh start…
the pics are really awesome and you are a very good photographer.
thanks for sharing such awesome pics with us

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Your pictures are beautiful, very beautiful. I took pictures of sunrises and sunsets in India recently. I know how it is impossible to catch the full beauty. I was so frustrated because I couldn’t even begin to capture the size of the sun that I was seeing.

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Wow! What an incredible experience for you, I am unbelievably jealous. I find sunrises and sunsets to be the most amazing forms of therapy, calming the mind and bringing you into a stress-free mindset. There’s nothing more calming, in my eyes anyway. The notion that if you’re having a bad day etc, the sun still rises, and will set to rise again, and life continues and we can try again tomorrow. Lovely post as always xx

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