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Some Thoughts on Airports.


Let’s talk about airports today.

Airports. Grounded gateways to aerial escapes to a different world. A new city, a new country, a new continent. Ah, how I love them.

In my lifetime, I have taken a decent number of flights. In the last year though, I have racked up some crazy flying miles, what with my vacation across Europe and flying to and fro between home and university. All this flying has meant I have spent a rather significant amount of time at airports too. Hence, this post dedicated to airports, paying a homage to the unsung holder of all things duty-free.

The thing about airports is, they’re essentially a test of a person’s patience. A lot of the time spent there is in wait. Waiting for check-in, waiting for security, waiting for your mom to buy the entire batch of duty-free candy or waiting for boarding. The human mind does not bode well for waiting and when in wait, it wanders. All this wandering has led to a lot of thinking and a lot of thoughts many of which I wrote in the notes app on my phone and I’ll try to consolidate in this post.


Airports hold so many people. People from different walks of life with different goals, ambitions, dreams. It amazes me to no end when I stand to wait and look around to see all the people who have a different story yet at this epoch they all intersect, right here at this airport. Perhaps, someone is going home or going away from home. Maybe, there’s a new baby in the family. Maybe, god forbid, there’s a loss. Maybe, they’re going to their dream job, maybe they just missed out on it. The possibilities are endless and I cannot even begin to wrap my mind around the extent of these.


One thing I have also always noticed about airports is that time is seemingly not a construct in there. Any notion of day and night is only expressed through a peak outside. Inside, its always moving, never stopping. Airports are the land where time stops or rather, becomes irrelevant because there are people taking a flight to somewhere or from somewhere at just about all times and airports are always full. This led me to the very serious realization that an empty airport with no movement and no hint of day or night makes a fabulous setup for a dystopia or post-apocalyptic novel. Huh, maybe, I’ll write that, someday.

In all the airports I’ve been to, I’ve always seen a tiny glimpse into the culture of the city or country. All airports show little pieces of the personality of the place they are in. Be it the futuristic installations at Changi Aiport, Singapore or the grandeur of the airport at Dubai or even the wonderful food at the airport in Rome, it’s a little slice of what the country or city has to offer. Taking the phrase, “First Impressions are the last impressions” to heart, more often than not, most places put their best foot forward in the airport and thus, exploring an airport will almost always show you the best of what the place holds.


Airports are thus, apart from housing great candy and the best books, a building full of many many human emotions. There’s hope, there’s nostalgia, there’s joy, there’s sadness, there’s dread, there’s anticipation, there’s wonder, there’s  marvel. And for me, right there, wedged in with all the billion emotions, it’s almost like, there’s home.

THIS POST’S QUESTION: What are some of your airport thoughts? Comment below with what you think about it,I’d love to hear from you!


By Arushi Singh

In the pursuit of expressing oneself.

18 replies on “Some Thoughts on Airports.”

This is a great post. I’ve experienced many emotions in the airports I’ve been to and some of them came rushing back to me as I read it. I travel often and haven’t necessarily enjoyed the airport portions of those trips. Thanks for putting a much more positive spin on the experience.

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Enjoyed this write up.
I have sometimes found it strange when I arrived at an airport in another country and immediately picked up on a completely different atmosphere than where I have flown from. It is sometimes a bit surreal, aw well as fascinating.
I used to just turn up at the airport, get myself through checking in and then hide in a corner with a book. But I have been on holiday a few times with some friends who make the time we spend at the airport the start of the holiday – they order a yummy breakfast and enjoy exploring all the boutiques.

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Thank you! I know,right? It’s almost as through the air is different in different countries. In domestic travel,I was pretty much the same as you but my experiences abroad have made me realise the tourism value of airports. Now,I explore the airport always and only when I’m done do I curl up with a book. I love your friends’ idea! 😊

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hi arushi! it’s been a while since i’ve been on this blog site, but i still get my subscriptions and i skim through most of them. i did read this thoroughly because i thought it was an interesting topic, given i had my last airline trip just a few weeks ago. i realized a few highlights of my life happened at the lax airport, particularly a few years ago when i met a group of people who would end up being some of my closest friends up until the time they would graduate from college and carry on with their lives. i had a layover in this same airport on my way home a few weeks ago. the layover was to be three and a half hours, and i really had no complaints. lax is a big airport and i wanted to see all the stuff i could spend the last of my cash on. instead those few hours were spend conversing with a stranger who was a writer, and who i later found out had dyslexia. i told him a lot about myself, too. there was a sort of comfort in walking away learning about someone’s story and having them know about my own, and thus i could not complain about the missed opportunity to explore lax. also, i have been in an empty airport. it was in a small southern state, a relatively new and small airport. i walked through its entirety at around 2 a.m. i didn’t quite get the aura of a dystopia or a post-apocalyptic world. it was more a sense of universal loneliness. it had this cinematic effect, as if its emptiness made it a great setting for an indie music video (although i constantly look for places to film those). overall i thank you for this write-up and the opportunity to reflect on my own experiences with airports.

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Hi! Thank you so much for your extremely lovely words! I’m glad something as little as my post could lead to such a stream of thought from you! I enjoyed reading what you thought of,when you think of airports. It is so interesting how different that is! And for you to have had actual life changing experiences is so amazing! I’m glad to have heard from you 😊


I love airports for much of the same reasons as you. It is a world on its own filled with a bizar and lovely group of individuals and with very different rules than the outside world. Plus my mum works at the airport! I’ll let her read your post next time I see her, I think she will really like it 🙂

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I agree that airports can test patience, was going to the Dominican Republic for vacation and came to the airport on Sunday…I bet the lines were miles long lol. And ironically, I’m going to an airport this Saturday lol.

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