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The Sad Truth About Going To Disneyland As An Adult.

Let’s talk about going to Disneyland as an adult and why that’s sad.

I went to Disneyland(Any Disneyland that is) for the first time on 4th June 2017 at the age of 18 years,2 months and 24 days. The one we went to was Disneyland Paris, the day was an unfortunate long weekend Sunday. I went on 5-6 rides in 10ish hours, saw the evening parade and 3 shows. It was disappointing.There, I said it.


So, now that you have your pitchforks out and mouse ears on ready to attack me, let me finish with my explanation of as to why. If after that, you still feel compelled to chase me around with digital pitchforks you’re more than welcome to do so. So let’s get on with it, shall we?

Now, shocking as I bet it is for some of you, I never went to a Disneyland before I was an adult. (Yes, some countries don’t have their own Disneyland, imagine that!) I had gone to a theme park before,i.e. Universal Studios, Singapore and had the best time ever. We all had fast passes and Universal was such a breeze that I had higher expectations for Disneyland simply because it’s Disneyland. It’s the OG theme park! It’s where wishes come true. C’mon.


Instead, I found huge crowds and desperately long lines and  rides I really looked forward to and waited an hour for shutting in front of my eyes as I finally reached the front of the line. It had been my childhood dream to go to a Disneyland. I wanted to feel the Disney magic and carry some pixie dust back with me to soar and fly in the world of my imagination. Instead, I was exhausted from waiting in line, went to barely any rides, had to stand on my toes to watch the shows, was jostled in the crowds and was melting in the sun. Of course, I was disappointed. Wouldn’t you be?

Now, I’ll state factors that I concurred led to this letdown. First off, it was a Sunday. Secondly, it was a long weekend. Thirdly, we did not have fast passes. Fourth, it was a hot day for Paris. Three of these were in my hand. I give you that. I will still feel disappointed because this was a childhood dream and I refuse to be fully logical here. Call me stubborn or call me a child.(How I wish for the latter!) The bottom line is, right now between Disney and Universal Studios, I choose Universal because me, the young adult , enjoyed Universal much much more.

Now, to clarify, I did not think Disney was horrible nor have I written it off for life. The magic in that place is so strong, it doesn’t die out this easy. It only diminishes with the number of people entering the park and the intensity with which the sun beats down on our heads. I liked the rides I went on. I liked the shows. I really really loved the parade. I also realised that I would have loved all the things so much more as a child. It was almost sad, realising I was too old to love things I would’ve once loved so much.


I would, for sure, come back to Disney, for a better, more magical experience. We all chase magic, I’m no exception. I feel sad merely because my first experience, my mythical changing is tainted by adult things like crowds and waiting too long for human beings to wait. It’s also the loss of my childhood innocence, of being able to see too far, not feeling wonder or curiosity as powerfully, knowing too much and losing sight of the magic that everything holds. That’s all.  Are your mouse ears still on? Can I put mine on too, to match?

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I found this picture on Pinterest but couldn’t track the owner of the picture. Let me know if you know who it is.

THIS POST’S QUESTION: Have you ever been to Disneyland? How was your first Disneyland experience as an adult or otherwise? Comment below with what you think about it,I’d love to hear from you!

13 replies on “The Sad Truth About Going To Disneyland As An Adult.”

I’ve been to Disneyland twice, once when I was almost 7 and another time when I was almost 11, now I’m 15 so there’s still some time till I go as an adult. 😛 Disneyland is magic, it really is, I understand the fact that the crowds and stuff make it less great, also, as an adult, as you said, you don’t see things as you saw them as a kid. I guess it’s inevitable.
I loved this post, I’ve never read anything about Disneyland written in a similar point of view to this one, I really liked it!!!
Hugs! 😀

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I’m going to take your word for the magic because I really really want there to be some! It is inevitable and it absolutely sucks.😪 Thank you so much,I was going for a more honest post instead of the regular ones because I didn’t have that great an experience! 😊

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I have never been to Disneyland. It doesn’t make my top bucket list item because of all the reasons you pointed out. I am not a fan of summer and an even lesser fan of crowds, loud noises, an abundance of kids and waiting in queues. It would drive me crazy.
However, I still think that given a chance, I would definitely visit Disneyland at least once because of all the magic that comes with the name.
That’s what I feel, anyway.

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I am not a fan of any of those things either (If that isn’t obvious enough) but i thought that my being a HUGE disney fan would overpower all that,but this time it didn’t 😪
Me too! I’d love to visit at a better time because it’s magic and we all want some 😊

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I’ve been to the one in California a couple of times and the one in Florida once. I never went during the summer when crowds are at their peak. Going during the off season is preferred to fully experience the magic.

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Lol…I’ve never been to Disneyland, ever! It was always a dream of mine even as an adult. But for those very reasons I am not too eager to go…I am well passed 18 years 2 months and 24 days so imagine my temperament in a long line. ” it’s Disneyland. It’s the OG theme park! It’s where wishes come true. C’mon.” This is exactly why you had that experience. Everyone else who thinks that was probably there that day too…lol… love the photos!

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