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Millennial or Gen Z?: The Turn Of Century Dilemma.

Let’s talk about some actual, very real concerns today.

Hello readers, welcome. Today I have a very pressing concern to discuss with you. This dilemma affects millions, maybe even a billion(that is 1/7th of all of us!) people worldwide yet, not one person realises the gravity of the situation.

Let me start by telling you a little something about myself. I am 19 years old. If your math is any good, you can figure out that this makes my year of birth 1999, the last year of the previous century, the one right before we stepped into the technological haven that is the 21st century.

Now, why is that information relevant, you ask? It is relevant because the issue we have to talk about today deals with one of the many gifts that my year of birth gave me. With the possible chance of being one of the last people of the previous century alive comes the existential dilemma: Am I Millennial or am I Gen Z?


This labelling of generations started with the Baby Boomers, born roughly between the 40s and the 60s. Then came Gen X born between the 60s and 80s. Then came the Millenials, born somewhere in the 80s and 90s. Then, came the current breed of humans, the Gen Z born 2000 onwards.


Generational Gears from


Now, as someone born in the middle of two labels, at the very cusp of two differing demographic conformations, am I Millennial or Gen Z? Should I feel attacked when the media criticizes the advent of avocado toast or challenges like the Tide Pod Challenge? Should I feel the urge to dab at every success or should I throw about high fives? Should I call Britney Spears the greatest artist of my generation or is it Shawn Mendes for me? There are so many very important questions but no one who’s giving the answers!

Now, before you go blaming me for only complaining I’ll present my defence. Since no one was giving the answers I tried to find them myself. I did what came to mind first. I decided to read up some posts on Millennial and Gen Z nostalgia(Okay, to be fair, Gen Z is hardly nostalgic yet. I’ll give you that. But you get my point.) I related to some of both and was entirely clueless about some aspects. I did not grow up on smartphones, though the basic cell phone was around post my toddlerhood. But, I also did not really marvel at computers, they were around and I saw them develop further. I also didn’t understand half the things mentioned in either. Why are fidget spinners such a big deal and what is a squeeze water snake?

Now more confused than when I started, I decided to use the sharpest arrow in my quiver full of answers; I decided to take an online quiz.  I decided to take 3 Millennial or Gen Z quizzes so we would have 1 definite winner. The results were:

Quiz A: Millennial for life!

Quiz B: Gen Z for the win!

Quiz C: You’re both Millennial and Gen Z and you have the best of both worlds!


The best of both worlds? You were supposed to solve it,once and for all! Why are you telling me stuff  I already know,Quiz C? The whole point of quizzes is to find something new and important about yourself like what kind of bread you are or your Hogwarts House. After Quiz C, I swore off of quizzes and proclaimed them useless, until that night when I needed to know what Dessert defined me. (It’s Tiramisu.)

Now deeper into the identity crisis chasm with no ropes pulling me out, I decided to turn to the good ole problem-solving method that is; thinking. I decided to give this deep thought. Who do I identify with? Who am I? (I am sad to report no Hogwarts letters or people whisking me away to a different fantasy world dropped by during all this thinking. It was disappointing as I was really hoping my quest to find my generational identity would lead me away from this mundane, boring life.)

Who am I if my childhood was when Disney was in its prime and cartoons were good? Who am I if my childhood had flip phones and Blackberry handsets? Who am I if I *whispers*  like avocado and think fidget spinners are amusing? Who am I if I don’t understand yet also feel like Facebook is becoming redundant by the day? Who am I? 


Dramatic necessary existential crisis picture from


Lastly, with no answer, I turn to my last choice and hope. I put the pen to paper (Or, my fingers to a keyboard) and present my problem to you, looking for an answer from you the reader and the whole wide Internet because the Internet is never wrong.

So, I present you with this post’s question.

THIS POST’S QUESTION: Am I Millennial or am I Gen Z? Comment below with what you think about it,I’d love to hear from you!

33 replies on “Millennial or Gen Z?: The Turn Of Century Dilemma.”

Love the humour in this post – definitely gained a follower here! As for your question… it’s slightly odd because I attended a talk about this a few weeks ago, and even though I’m half a decade older than you, the things they were describing didn’t make me feel like a millenial either! I think it’s very subjective because at this talk they squidged Gen Y and Millenials together… so anyone born from 1980-1994 was in this group. I definitely didn’t think that i had the same life experience as someone born in 1980, so felt much more comfortable being in the Gen Z group of 1995+ (despite my birthday actually being before that!). It is interesting stuff though…

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It is interesting! This generational stuff often also becomes region specific and millennials elsewhere might not have the same kind of things! That talk sounds really fascinating though the idea of Gen Y and Millenials being together seems like preparing an absurd concoction of a generation! Thank you for your views,Isabella!😊


Haha! 😂 this was an entertaining post! Hmm, if I had to answer that, I would say consider which things you find nostalgic vs cringe-worthy/ least-entertaining! I find that I still hold onto the nostalgic appreciation from 90s shows like Brum and Pingu (my birth year is 1995) but if I look at kids tv shows nowadays – I just usually find them really annoying! :’D same with movies – I can watch a movie that under other circumstances, I may not like very much, but because it was enjoyable in my childhood (take Scooby Doo, for example) I’ll watch it 😂 I mean this could be to do with what you find nostalgic and not to do with generational labelling but it would be interesting if it did have something to do with the development of entertainment from Millennial to Gen-Z!

Great post!!

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Thank you! Yes I absolutely agree,I am so annoyed by kids TV today and I have such a fondness for Pingu and Scooby Doo like you said! That’s an interesting thought to base this decision on and it probably makes me a millennial 😂

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Very clever post. I hate labels, but I guess technically you are a millennial. So is my niece, but if you talk to her about music you would guess she was 20 years older. Speaking of music, Shawn over Brittany any day! I’m still asking the question, “who am I?” as are most of us.

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Thank you,Tracey! Music is where it gets shady for me too because I love Shawn Mendes but I also love Queen. It gets really fundamental after a point and as much as we try to escape labels,they get to us,for how else do you explain who you are?


*monumental silence* First of all, amazing post and your wits are honestly appluadable, i enjoyed reading this post and the ‘dramatic existential crisis picture’ killed me😂. But onto the important question of yourself, all i have to say is (and don’t be disappointed) that the trends now have made it difficult to actually choose what side you’re on because i can’t lie those two centuries are very cool and different but yet so similar in someways, like the fashion trends and the music thing is so relatable because i’m a gen Z on paper due to my year of birth (2000)but i feel like a millenial because i listen to lauryn hill, aretha franklin and the backstreet boys. So in my opinion i think,you’re the mixture of both. After all a little mix won’t kill you! Lol.

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