Of Birthdays and Irony.

Lets talk about my birthday today.

I love birthdays. I like the fact that one day of the year is about just one person and appreciating them and their existence. I always try to make an extra effort for friends and family and even acquaintances who have birthdays just because its their day. I wish people about 10,000 times in the day, write them little notes and try and arrange a little gift for them. It makes me happy to make someone happy as like they say, happiness goes around and comes back multiplied manifold.

It is rather ironic then that my own birthday, the 10th of March every year that is, happens to be accursed with the curious curse of being during my exams every year, meaning, while I make a huge affair about other people’s birthdays they can’t return the favour so much, at least on the actual day. For the last 5 years I’ve had exams, major subjects, minor subjects always on or after my birthday. For the last 2,they’ve started exactly on my birthday. And this year, it only gets sadder for me(And funnier for you, on the outside.) as my exams start on the exact next day after my birthday and its a major subject. I don’t think I have actually had my birthday party on my birthday except my 13th birthday and that too was a small one celebrating my foray into teenage. My birthday celebrations are usually kept after the exams and therefore, are 10 days and even 20 days after my birthday.


My parents, my family, makes a huge huge effort to make my day better (like the canopy of balloons last year in the picture) and loads of delicious food to cater to my food loving tendencies but you can only do so much. My friends have forgotten to (more than once) wish me Happy Birthday for an instant the morning of my birthday because they’re stressed and completely worried about the Math exam, like me. I stay up the night before the exam not in anticipation but up studying.

So, what I try to do is I try to be happy enough to feel glad myself, without celebration. Feel happy about existing and breathing and being healthy and living and blessed with so much in life. It makes up for the lack or rather the damping of the birthday spirit my exams so successfully accomplish.

So, here I am, turning 17 in 2 days, approximately.(Finally old enough to do magic in the wizarding world, yes!)As you might have gathered, I appreciate birthday wishes and love more than most people because of the unfortunate case with my birthdays. If you want to brighten up my day, just a little, on my birthday or talk to me in general whenever you want, you can wish me on my email which is written underneath. It would mean the world to me.

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By Arushi Singh

In the pursuit of expressing oneself.

38 replies on “Of Birthdays and Irony.”

First of all, Happy 17th birthday!! 🎁🎉 And very best wishes for your exams…one day you will enjoy your special day without the stresses of exams 😊
I too have always found birthdays to be very special occasions and get especially excited for mine (every year, still!) My birthday is 2 days pre xmas, an awful time to celebrate a birthday. Everyone’s head is full of xmas! Parties are a nightmare as everyone has plans every weekend for a month before. I turn 40 this year, invites are already out so everyone can save the date lol. I’m still a big kid inside 🙂

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A very Happy Fun-filled Birthday wish to you! Birthday’s are important, I track everyone’s birthday and send them a little birthday wish. It makes them feel special that you remember. My mom was the one who made me realize the beauty of remembering someone’s special day! Enjoy, celebrate and dance! It’s your journey, make it the best journey ever! Love and hugs!

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Hey Musings,

10,000 best wishes for your 17th birthday, and 10,000 best wishes more for success in the exams!

‘Finally old enough to do magic in the wizarding world, yes?’ Well, yes, indeed, old enough to charm and be charming.

Happy Wizarding lol 🙂 Have a enchanted day!

Hoping all is well always, and in all ways always well.


DN – 08/03/2016

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Hey there,

HAPPY SEVENTEEN!!! CONGRATULATIONS! Best wishes for your exams and life ~

For myself, I regard my birthday as a day to be really grateful to my momma for giving birth to me. It wasn’t easy then, to be in the delivery room awaiting my birth – amid the agonising contractions and dosages of adrenaline and what not – and it isn’t easy now too.

Enjoy yourself! 🙂

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Happy birthday! And I know how you feel. My birthday is around the end of january and it so happens that the preparatory exams are always held on those days. Although I believe that worse than writing an exam on your birthday is getting the results (Which I got once…)

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Happy Birthday, Miss Soul! My 57th is a few weeks away and, while it is nice to have a celebration, I never really put much stock in them. (Why is there such a gender difference in this area?! My daughter and wife go crazy over a birthday!) However, I love it when I celebrate with margaritas, key lime pie and seafood. Man, do they know me well! (Also, please don’t call me sir!)

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Its so wonderful that you go out of your way to make people feel special on their many did u say? wish people about 10,000 times in the day 🙂 that is so crazy but very cute in a way 🙂 you must be one of the sweetest people to be around with..surely!

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